Home of Crystalwood Cockapoos
of Devon

and Dartmoor Dachshunds

           Supporting the Dogs Trust and Kennel Club 'The Puppy Socialisation Plan'

Beautiful pups in many colours.




DottieWe are experienced home breeders, with all our dogs living indoors, and puppies raised, firstly in the bedroom, and then the lounge, however, we are a 'licensed breeding establishment' in accordance with The Breeding of dogs Act 1973. (Please see below)

All our Cockapoo puppies are unaffected by the G-PRA (prcd-PRA) eye condition which is the only known disease to affect both breeds used in the Cockapoo.

Our Dachshunds are DNA tested for Cord 1-PRA. Our aim is to breed beautiful Longhaired Miniature Dachshunds that are as close to the breed standard as possible. Puppies will be available to loving 'families' only.

As responsible breeders, we will not be breeding dilute colours (Blues and Isabellas) due to the health risks associated with colour dilution.

Beacause our puppies are reared in the family home they are use to all the noises of a busy household, plus they go on regular car trips and play outdoors, weather permitting. The mother dogs are much loved family pets, and though from showing lines, our Cocker Spaniels have fun and frolics on our 7 acre smallholding. 

All puppies sold are microchipped, vet checked with their own certificate, come with 4 weeks insurance, food, an extensive puppy information pack and unlimited after sales help and advice. See our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Anyone now breeding a litter of pups and making a profit must be Council Licensed, no matter if it is a family breeding just one litter a year, or a large breeding kennels.  This entails an inspection from your local Council and a Veterinary Surgeon, plus an awful lot of Defra paperwork to complete. Establishments are rated low or high risk and graded from one to five stars. Hopefully this action will sort out the good establishments from those whose animal welfare is not acceptable, and put an end to puppy farming.

Licence details. J. Shearman. Awarded 5 Stars 19/00476/ANIWEL Teignbridge District Council


Families often come back for another puppy!


Here is some we made earlier :)

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