Chummy Now featured in the Cockapoo Handbook by Linda Whitwam


This striking Cockapoo is home bred and Daughter to our Taysie. Such a dear little dog, Chummy stole our hearts and became my youngest daughters dog and a treat for studying hard at school. Like all our dogs here at Crystalwood,Chummy is unaffected from G-PRA.

Chummy is a little charmer, so affectionate and a typical 'Velcro' Cockapoo, never leaving our sides.  She has her Mother Taysies huge eyes and is just as much of a joy to own. Margot adores her and they snuggle in the same bed. She can be a bit cheeky and will sneak into our rooms for a siesta on the human beds if she can, unfortunately last time she sneaked onto a bed she had jumped into the shower cubicle first!!

Every visitor is greeted with an enthusiastic welcome, ( and normally an excited tiddle on the floor!).

Chummy has had some super puppies, in all the colours that you could ever want.

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