HumphreyGetting our own doggy man about the house was a big decision, but with few, quality, health checked, Poodles in the South West, it seemed a necessary step to take.

Humphrey is, (if summed into one word), adorable.

He has a super, laid back, personality, such a sweet disposition and is a friend to everyone. Though Humphrey is a Kennel Club registered pedigree Miniature Poodle, we keep his fur quite long and shaggy, so most of the time he resembles a Cockapoo.

All those that have the pleasure of meeting Humphrey, instantly fall in love.
Humphrey is G-PRA eye clear from parentage but has his own DNA certificate which is passed onto all new puppy owners, as is his KC 5 generation pedigree. He carries the parti-coloured gene, so throws beautiful two tone puppies.

Millie, Cadbury, Ivy and Maisie, featured on our Happy Families page, are all Humphrey's children.


Sorry Humphrey is first and foremost, a family pet, his services are not out for hire!!