After purchasing Esse in late 2016 I was so pleased with her temperament and breeding that a few months later I was off again to collect Picquot (pee-co) who I was delighted had the same orange roan Daddy as Esse but is in the super unusual colouring of Chocolate Sable.

As you can imagine Esse was thrilled to have a half sister to play with and they still share a very close bond, as if they know they are related. Humphrey is also a Picquot fan, and their personalities complement each other.

Picquot is an amazing dog, just as loving as big Sis Esse, and very laid back. With a chocolate sable Mum, who has Portuguese Show Champion bloodlines in her pedigree, and an orange roan father she has produced some cracking puppies.

Picquot is both DNA clear from the hereditary diseases FN ( Familial Nephropathy) which affects Cocker Spaniels and the eye condition G-PRA which affects both Cockers and Miniature Poodles.

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